Electronic Series



Size Cable: 100cm (L)
Material: ABS + Metal
Colour: White, Green, Blue, Red, Black
Packing: White Color Gift Box
Weight: 30g/pc

2 In 1 USB Cable

Size: 9.3cm(L)
Material: aluminium
Colour: Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Black
Packing: Individual bubble bag+ White Box
Weight: 45g/pc. Battery AAA x 3pcs *not included

9 LED Torchlight With String

Size: 30cm(dia)
Material: Glass
Colour: Red, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, & Orange
Packing: White Box
Weight: 770g/pc. Battery AA x 1pc *not included

Colourful Glass Wall Clock

Material: Plastic
Colour: Yellow, Red, Purple, Blue, Dark Blue & Black
Packing: Individual OPP Bag
Weight: 27g/pc

Colourful Watch

Size: 9cm(L) x 5cm(W) x 16.5cm(H)
Material: ABS
Colour: Pink, Blue & Black
Packing: Color Box
Weight: 323g/pc

Hand-held Air Conditioner

Size: 18.6cm(H) x 7.2cm(D)
Material: ABS
Colour: Green & Brown
Packing: Individual OPP Bag + White Box
Weight: 213g/pc

Multipurpose Camping Flashlight

Colour: White
Packing: Nylon zipper pouch
Weight: 120g/pc

Detachable World Travel Adapter (with dual USB port)

Colour: Orange, green, pink, blue
Packing: Matt PVC box
Weight: 20g/pc

Dual USB Car Charger

Size: 14cm(L) x 30cm(H)
Material: ABS
Colour: White
Packing: Individual OPP Bag + Color Box
Weight: 452g/pc

Euro Desk Lamp

Size: 12cm(L) x 5cm(W)
Material: PVC
Colour: Blue, Pink, Green, Orange & Yellow
Packing: Individual OPP Bag
Weight: 20g/pc

LED Light with Magnet

Material: Metal +aluminium
Colour: Red, blue, black
Packing: individual opp bag
Weight: 25g/pc

LED Light With Whistle & Compass

Size: 6cm(dia)
Material: aluminium +ABS
Colour: White, Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Green
Packing: Hard gift box
Weight: 245g/pc

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Saiz: 4.2cm(L) x 2.5cm(W) x 6.8cm(H)
Material: ABS
Colour: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Sound: 120dB
Packing: OPP Bag + White Box
Weight: 30g/pc

Personal Alarm

Size: 14cm(L)
Material: Plastic
Colour: Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue
Packing: Colour gift box
Weight: 95g/pc. Battery AAA x 2pcs *not included

Portable Digital Scale

Size: 17cm(L)
Material: ABS
Colour: Black, White, Blue, Orange & Green
Packing: Gift Box
Weight: 18g/pc

Portable LED Lamp

Size: 12.4cm(L) x 6.2cm(W) x 16.3cm(H)
Material: ABS
Colour: Blue, Yellow, Pink & Purple
Packing: Gift Box
Weight: 180g/pc. Battery AAA x 2pcs *not included

USB Mango Fan

Size: 12cm(L) x 6cm(H)
Material: ABS
Colour: Green, White, Red, Blue & Black
Packing: Clear PVC Plastic Case
Weight: 90g/pc. Battery 1 x AA * not included

Wireless Mouse

Colour: Black
Packing: White box
Weight: 135g/pc

PU Pen Holder With Clock


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